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It's great when we have the opportunity to photograph virtual tours during the pretty part of the year when the grass is green and the sky is blue. But what about the times of the year when you wonder if the sun is ever coming back out or before the grass gets green again?

Don't dismay. With our "Digital Magic" we can turn gloomy skies blue, green up that grass as well as a number of other things that will make your virtual tour shine!*

This photo was shot on a gloomy, overcast day in February
Thanks to "Digital Magic" it now looks like a beautiful Spring day!
This is an evening shot of a new home with a "striped" lawn. This photo was taken in early March.
In this photo we enhanced the sky and grass, and touched out the Real Estate sign. We even "turned on" the walkway lights!
This is an evening shot on an overcast day. This photo was taken in early Spring before the plants perked up and grass turned green.
Notice the sunset tones in the sky, green grass, fresh cedar bark, green plants and the light coming from the upstairs window.
On this interior shot the bedspread was a little "short" on one side of the bed. Our client asked if we could "fix" it.
Voila! A little "Digital Magic" and the bedspread goes all the way down to the bed skirt!
This modular home photo was taken on the sales lot. The time of year was early March.
Wow! Now look! A beautiful home on acreage. This looks like the photo was taken on a lovely summer day.
This panoramic photo was taken on a day when forest fires in the area made the sky hazy and washed out.
We reworked the original panoramic to define the mountians and river in the background and improve the color as well as adding blue to the sky.


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* Depending on the circumstances, an additional fee may apply for Digital Magic Enhancement of photos. The amount of the fee will be quoted on a case by case basis depending on work required to achieve the desired results. Please note, digital retouching does have some limitations and it is not always possible to achieve the desired results.





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